Dairy in China #2

Today we traveled to Junlebao Perfect Ranch. They have about 4,000 milk cows on this farm, and all the dry cows and youngstock. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos on the farm to share here today, but I did get a couple just outside.

You can just see the outside of the parlor, and if you look across the road, there is a spanking new processing plant that milk is pumped directly to from the farm. No high hauling costs here.

Processing plant

The owner of the farm has three more dairy sites. The milk from those is hauled to this plant. You might notice some haze above the plant. The air quality here is very poor. I thought it would improve once we left Beijing, but surprisingly, the air is dirty even out in the country. It is not unusual to see people wearing masks.

Even my Apple Watch did not like the air quality.

If I understood correctly, there are about 200 workers on this farm. That is a lot, by US standards. Everything is very clean, tidy, and dry. Winter here seems to be very dry, no snow, and little rain. It reminds me of high desert country in the US. Cows give around 30-35 kg of milk per day, which is somewhat lower that the other sites owned by the same company. There are dormitories and a cafeteria. Everyone takes a nap for an hour or so after lunch, which is what I am supposed to be doing now, in a dormitory room supplied by the farm.

They feed corn silage, alfalfa hay from the US, oat hay from New Zealand, some kind of wheat hay or straw, and some grains.

More later… have to go look at cows.

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