Dairy Adventures in China: About That Duck

Peking Duck; Correctly said: Beijing Duck, perhaps you have heard of it. Perhaps you have eaten it. But I think the Chinese would say, if you have not eaten it in Beijing, you have not eaten it.

Beijing Duck done right

Kai insisted I needed to try Beijing Duck, so when we got back to Beijing we went to a restaurant famous for this dish. It was in this building:

Or this one
Or this one

The Chinese seem to really like neon and other types on brightly colored lights because there are all sorts of colored buildings like this in the cities. This building had a couple more hues that I am not showing here. So up we went for The Duck. There is a proper way to eat it. First each diner receives a plate of sauce and vegetable sticks like this:

For The Duck

Then you get a place of nicely sliced, very fatty duck skin:

Duck skin

Next you must take a piece of the very hot duck skin and roll it in the sugar found on your sauce and vegetable plate, then eat. After a bit, when you have had time to enjoy the duck skin, you will each get a plate of sliced duck, like this:

Sliced duck

Then you take four or five pieces; not three; not six, and gently coat each with some sauce, but not too much, and place on this thing that looks like a thin, green tortilla. Add some vegetable sticks from your plate, roll it up and you have it!


Very tasty. About halfway through your Duck journey you will receive a plate of well cooked duck bones and scraps, from your duck, though it may actually be from someone else’s duck. It looks like this:

Scraps from your duck

They are crispy, a bit salty, and very dry. You pick up the bones and chew the meat off.

There were two earlier courses at this meal, so we did not finish it. I suggested a doggie bag. Of course I had to explain the term. Kai said that until a few years ago the government did not allow you to take food home from the restaurant. I asked why not. He said, “It’s the government.”

More later…

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